24 Nov ~ 27 Nov

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the official website of the International Technology and Innovation Student Symposium (SUTIS 2022) in Konya/TURKEY. The conference will be held in Face-to-Face format in Konya/TURKEY by any means between 24-27 November 2022. The conference will be held by Selçuk University National and Local Sanjak Community (MYS), Technology Faculty and Akşehir Engineering and Architecture Faculty.

SUTIS'22 is a multidisciplinary conference consisting of engineering branches (Biomedical, Computer, Electrical & Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Metallurgy & Materials and Civil Engineering).

The main purpose of our conference is to;

It will come together from engineering sciences; to create an academic platform for current, current studies and problems, and national engineering research studies,

To provide access to a community at an academic level, to communicate at a high level, to share and to evaluate self-confidence,

In the symposium, by driving their private vehicles to visit their knowledge and experiences about the person who will come together with experience, between driving and the special region and with potential business opportunities,

To the SUTIS, you don't want to promote academics, researchers, and private lifestyles, and it will be a possibility that your public will love.

Submitted papers Papers approved by the Scientific Committee will be presented at the conference. Presentations, articles, conferences at the conference may be published as journal or book chapters.
For Publication Details, you can follow the Publications Page:


Assist. Prof. Dr. Hakan TERZIOGLU
On the behalf of Organizing Committee